Eye to Hand 
Introduction to Observational Drawing
Lesson Five

Breathing Lines

Breathing Lines – Variations
Left to right
1. From the video, the lines begin heavy at the top and become lighter towards the bottom of the drawing.
2. Lines begin and end with a light line, becoming heavy only at the centre.
3. Breathing lines in response to music – heavy when loud, light when quiet.
Examples of observational drawings made or begun with breathing lines. 

Exercise: Look closely at the rim of a cup. 
1. What happens to the rim at the corners of the ellipse? Does it become thinner or thicker? Darker or lighter?
2. What happens at the centre of the rim on the side that is closest to you?
3. What happens at the centre of the rim on the side that is furthest from you?
4. Translate the rim of the cup into a drawing using breathing lines.
5. Translate your line drawing into a solid form.
6. Draw another object with breathing lines. Experiment with the spatial possibilities by drawing the parts of your subject that are closer to you with a darker line, and the parts that are further away with a lighter line.
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