Eye to Hand 
Introduction to Observational Drawing
Lesson Two

What you will need

Long thin & strait stick like a BBQ skewer or knitting needle
Graphite Pencil
Willow charcoal & blending stump (optional)
1 x sheet of A3 to A1 paper

Set Up
Have your paper on a drawing board and supported in an upright position 

What to Expect 
This second lesson is all about space, perspective and foreshortening. There are two exercises in the videos below. The first is an exercise in looking and the second is a drawing that you can make of a corner of a room.

The drawing can be as simple or as elaborate as you like – the idea is to draw slowly, look carefully and be prepared to make some adjustments. If you find halfway through that something has gone wrong, start a second drawing. Sometimes it takes some time for us to draw what we are seeing with clarity.

When you have finished, please send photographs of your drawings through to me with any thoughts or questions via mail@genevieveswifte.com 

Good Luck!

Looking at shapes in space 
Drawing a Corner of a Room
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