Eye to Hand

Eye to Hand

During this time of solitude and confinement, contemporary artist Genevieve Swifte invites you to a virtual corner of her home where she has created space from which to draw objects close to hand: glass bottles, fragments of broken china, heirlooms, pieces of fruit, treasures from the garden, etc, etc.
Find stillness and purpose in the everyday objects around you, this workshop will take a specific focus on the depiction of light and shadow, creating sublime moments from our indefinite domestic confinement.

What to Expect
Genevieve's Workshops tend to be a wonderful mix of beginners, talented teens and experienced artists. Each of her classes are carefully researched and are designed to:
• Help you see the world around you with greater clarity
• Translate what you see from three dimensions into two
• Heighten the sensitivity and dexterity of your hand, wrist and arm
Moving between technical instruction, poetic interpretation and forms of abstraction, participants will have access to: 
• Guided observation and mark making exercises 
• Lessons in foreshortening and the depiction of forms in space 
• Expert feedback and support

Commencement and continuing after the first six weeks  
There is no start or end date — enrol at any time. Each enrolment covers a period of six weeks with an invitation to continue into the future. Please indicate if you need to take a break during your six week enrolment.

Each week, participants will receive a password allowing access to course content on the Eye to Hand website. This content will include:
• Demonstration videos
• Sound recordings
• Pictures and diagrams 
• Zoom links scheduled for Sundays 2pm, Tuesdays 10am & Tuesdays 6pm 
• Weekly newsletter with inspiration and advice

Subtitles are being developed for all sound and video formats, please indicate if you need this or any other support at the enrolment form below.  ​​​​​​​
$270 full Price 
$243 Returning students 
$243 Concession (low income, students, seniors & group bookings)
Available payment methods:
PayPal / Bank Deposit
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2. Hit Submit to send your details
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*low income, students, seniors & group bookings
*Please note, numbers are limited. Due to the costs of production, cancellations can only be made prior to the commencement of your course. You may take a break from classes, transfer to another workshop or transfer your enrolment to a friend at any time. Access to online content is for the duration of the enrolment only.

**By enrolling in any workshop with Genevieve Swifte, you agree that any media, passwords, documents etc provided as a part of a course will be kept for personal use only and will NOT be distributed to a third party.
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